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New-wave/punk pioneers Devo have announced plans to release a new 12-inch single. The record is titled Watch Us Work It and is due out December 9, 2008. The vinyl release contains four versions of their song, "Watch Us Work It," which made it's debut in a campaign for PC maker Dell Computers. Along with those four versions, it will include the song "Devo Was Right About Everything" by Attery Squash as remixed by Robert and Gerald Casale.

We also dug up a copy of the minute-long Dell commercial which uses the song.

  1. Watch Us Work It (Teddy Bears Version)
  2. Watch Us Work It (Original Devo demo Version)
  3. Watch Us Work It (Karaoke Version)
  4. Watch Us Work It (Still Working Version)
  5. Devo Was Right About Everything" (Attery Squash)