Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Uprising

Canadian hardcore act Liferuiner's final show ended badly after what the venue attributed to some bad behaviour from the band. A dispute over door receipts led to:

Bottom line, [the booking agent] did a terrible job running the door. 117 people were in the room that should have paid (I went and did a head count) and only 74 did. Bottom line, she was short on the guarantee.

[Liferuiner] approach me in the back while I'm cleaning up the mess. All of them get in my face, and state the usual pissed off tough guy remarks/attitude, "Give us the fucking money or we'll fuck you up + we'll steal the sound system + let's burn this mother fucker down." I tell them, "I'm not giving you shit. This wasn't my show and I'm in no position to pay for someone elses fuck up."

Most bands want to go out in a bang, they went out in handcuffs.

You can see the rest of the story here.