Contributed by alex101, Posted by Century Media

Legendary UK grindcore band Napalm Death have wrapped up work on their new album. Titled Time Waits For No Slave, the band has been working with producer Russ Russell, and expects the new album to surface in February 2009 via Century Media Records. The band's last output was 2006's Smear Campaign.

  1. Strong Arm
  2. Diktat
  3. Work to Rule
  4. On the Brink of Extinction
  5. Time Waits for No Slave
  6. Life and Limb
  7. Downbeat Clique
  8. Fallacy Dominion
  9. Passive Tense
  10. Larceny of the Heart
  11. Procrastination
  12. Feeling Redundant
  13. A No Sided Argument
  14. Ad Nauseum