Can't get enough Blake Schwarzenbach news? Well, Matt Rubin has some news today coming from the man himself. Matt spoke with Blake as part of his Weekly Check-In series. Blake casually mentioned the new band:

I just finished a rather elegant translation of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "Second Discourse" which I'm proud of, and my new band played our first show on Sunday. The darkness drops again!

He also mentions politics, having been involved with Punk Voter in 2004:

I think Obama had more votes than were allowed. The mandate should be affirmed in even more overwhelming numbers. The concession prize: Lee Atwater is dead, Karl Rove is not getting younger or less dauphin-like, and Palin gets to go home to Alaska to be a grandmother. I think Bush is going to start drinking again and leave the church -- perhaps he and John Hagee will re-stage Waco only with more fire and captive moon children.

Check out the entire interview here.