The Casting Out (ex-Boy Sets Fire)
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Our friend Dan Perrone recently sat down for a lengthy interview with The Casting Out, which includes Nathan Gray of Boy Sets Fire. The band self-released their debut full length Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! in October.

We're here with Nathan, Pat, Chris, and Gene of The Casting Out from Newark, Delaware at Champ's sports bar in Jersey because we got kicked out of a diner for being too loud. And these guys are completely wasted. The first thing I want to ask, and this is specifically geared to Nathan, is who the first band you guys are going to beef with first will be. Nathan: We already got one, you wanna hear about them? [laughs] You already pretty much assume I'm gonna beef with some band!

Pat: They're this band called the Velvet Teen, from…California? Where they don't get jokes? They were checking their e-mail.

Chris: We were playing a show in New Castle, Delaware and I guess they were checking their e-mail because that's something you do on tour, and it was a lame show. Nathan said something about it, just joking with them, and then after the show, I left, and- Nathan: I said "Hey! Why are you guys on your laptops, ha ha?" all joking around. Point being, it was just some show in Delaware, and it was really funny because we were about to play, we're about to hit the first note, and this dude is sitting in front of me with his laptop like as close as you are to me, typing away-

Nathan: There were maybe twelve people there, and this dude is in front of me doing this [typing motion]. So I made a joke like "Hey man, it's cool, go ahead and do your thing, we'll start playing when you're done." And it's getting more and more awkward. And then he finally put his laptop away and we play our set. A fight broke out about it, and actually there's no beef , caused it got resolved, but I think it's hilarious that you automatically assume that I start shit with other bands!-

Pat: Well it was their fault, because they like computers.

Nathan: But you're right, every time I play a show with somebody, I've got a problem, it's great. But actually, we don't have beef with them or care at all… Just a funny story, and funny you asked. Oh yeah, and I hate Propagandhi, all of their albums suck. [laughter] it's basically Propagandhi, Dillinger Four, and Lawrence Arms. Basically, all three of those bands are shit, and have never written a good song in their lives. You know what? Elton John is more punk than all three of those bands. Take that nerds!

Chris: Long story short, they tried to fight us, and afterwards, I've got people telling me "Yo, I heard you guys got in a fight with Lifetime!"

Gene: Isn't that the band that leaked their album online as the new Death Cab album? They're German. I dunno.

Bartender: Is this on the radio?

No, no, this isn't on the radio. But do I look that legit? It's for a website called We both drove an hour and met in the middle. We got kicked out of Marlton Diner. Nathan: Yeah, way to go, you just served a bunch of drunk assholes.

Random dude at the bar: What band are you guys in?

All: The Casting Out. From Delaware.

Dude: Never heard of you.

Nathan: That's okay. You may not have heard of Delaware either. You may have heard about it in Wayne's World.

Dude: What kind of music are you guys?

Nathan: Punk stuff. Punk rock. We're pretty good.

Bartender: What kind of songs do you guys write?

Nathan: There's a song about how we like free shots of Jameson.

Bartender: I will buy you a shot if you serenade me.

All: Oh shit! Do it!

Nathan: What song? What am I singing?

Pat: "Livin' on a Prayer"

"Take Me Home Tonight" Bartender: I'll tell the manager to put the song on and you can sing it. For a free shot. "Livin' on a Prayer"!

Nathan: I don't care, I'm getting a free shot out of it!

Okay, we're going to continue while we wait for the song to come on… Dude from before: I'm out of here, I got two pieces of advice. Makes lots of fuckin' money, and never sell out to make money and never sell out to your friends!

All: Woo! Right on!

Nathan: I'm gonna try my damnedest to make as much money as I can!

What's it like being in a new band and kind of having to start over, playing smaller shows and… Nathan: Smaller shows? The last Boy Sets Fire tour was pretty fuckin' small! It's pretty cool. In Europe, it's different, because we're fucking huge.

Pat: We played to so many people…I've never even seen this many people in one place before.

Nathan: It's funny because the last BSF tour was pretty brutal anyway. When BSF signed to Wind-Up, we pretty much fucked our whole world. We had been asked on all these tours; Thursday asked us on tour. We didn't do them, because we were writing our album, and…hey, when's my song coming on!

Bartender: I dunno.

Can he stand on the bar and sing? Pat: We need fire. This would be cooler with fire.

Nathan: I don't even know all the words to this fuckin' song.

All: HERE IT IS!!!!

Nathan: [singing] Something's gotta something yeaaaah…he's down on his luck OHH YEAAAAH…

Bartender: Do the chorus, and I'll be happy.

All: We gotta hold on, to what we got. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We got each other, and that's a lot for love. WE'LL GIVE IT A SHOT. WHOAAA WE'RE HALF WAY THERE. WHOAAA LIVIN' ON A PRAYER. TAKE MY HAND, AND WE'LL MAKE IT I SWEAR. WHOAAA LIVIN' ON A PRAYER. [laughter from the entire bar]

Nathan: Who gets a shot now, bitch?! [applause from bar]

Pat: [takes mic, gives it to random woman] Say something about what just happened.

Woman: It was a beautiful thing.

Nathan: The point is…Creed is AWESOME. Creed is awesome, and I love God. It was funny because…I don't even wanna talk about BSF, because we did a lot of dumb shit in our situation.

Well, what I was getting at was… Nathan: WHOAAAA, LIVIN' ON A PRAYER. You wanna live on a prayer bitch?

…does the ex-BSF tag help you guys out in any regard? Nathan: Only in Europe.

Pat: Only when I try to get laid.

Chris: When we write our name, it all goes together like one word. [laughter] Now we're thecastingout, just one word.

Nathan: But really, it does help us out in Europe. But like I said, we fucked ourselves hard with BSF. Towards the end we were just in the studio all the time and not taking care of the shit we should have been taking care of. And none of that is my fault. [laughter]

Talk shit about it. Nathan: No way in hell.

Chris: The way we did this record, we did it in like a week and a half. I don't know how you could stretch it longer than that. I did my tracks in eight hours, in and out.

Pat: I did my drum tracks in twelve hours. That's it.

Nathan: [to bartender, not paying attention] Put on any song, I'll fucking sing it.

Bartender: The other bartender thinks you are fabulous.

Nathan: Thank you! Any song you want, I will sing it.

Pat: We're stunt doubles for the Backstreet Boys.

Nathan: What song is on now?

"Summer of '69"?!? As long as you guys keep playing awesome music, we'll never be able to finish this shit! Chris: I destroyed my bedroom to this song once.

Why did you guys choose to self-release Go Crazy, Throw Fireworks! and was it difficult to produce on your own? Pat: We don't know if it's self-released yet. [laughter] It might come out on Triumphant Records, I'm just putting that out there.

Nathan: We won't tell that story. Funnily enough, the music industry as a whole is going down the fucking shitter right now. I mean, with all of the digital downloading and people ripping shit off - which is cool, I couldn't give a shit - it doesn't hurt the bands, it hurts the labels. Well, unless you're Metallica apparently.

Pat: And then you're just a shitty drummer anyway. I like to call him Lars Cocaine. For the record, me and him suck together.

Nathan: I'm fucking serious; BSF was playing in Europe…with Metallica. We were opening up for Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, and Papa Roach. And some other bands. [to bartender] Who is your favorite band?

Bartender: Coldplay?

Nathan: They're ok. That's cool.

These guys sound like Coldplay Pat: You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay. That's from a movie. The 40 Year Old Virgin. Don't cry. You're gonna be on the internet you know. Nathan:


Nathan: So we were opening for these bands. Where was I going with this story? What was the question?

Self-releasing your album [laughter from everyone]

Pat: You know why we're self-releasing this album? Because if no one picks us up then we have to. [laughter]

Nathan: You know why we're self-releasing this album? Did you just hear that story? I lost all consciousness. We were opening for some bands, and then…and then…remember when I was awesome? And then it stopped? I honestly don't know what we are going to do. We're shopping it around. Most of the industry is going downhill. It's just over. They're scared to sign new bands.

Chris: They keep calling us and saying "It's awesome, we love it, we keep playing it…but we can't sign you".

Pat: Every record label we wanted to talk to is like "We love it…sorry".

Bartender [interrupts]: Do you have a CD on you right now? I will have them play it on the speakers.

Pat: No, but we'll send you one. We just need your name, address, phone number, myspace page, and social security number.

Any favorite labels at this juncture? Chris: I want to be part of any label that wants a part of us right now.

Pat: I want to be a part of a lot of things that I can't be a part of.

Describe the transition in sound from your early demos, which were more indie and folky, to your new melodic punk rock sound. Nathan: How about you describe it first!

Hmm, how would I describe it? Well, you had the girl in the band before, and she played the piano. Nathan: Yeah, it was kind of like Fleetwood Mac.

We need to put some Rumours on the stereo here, man. Nathan: Oh shit, we need some Fleetwood Mac up in this bitch!


Nathan: Well, first, before I answer that question, real fast. I want to say a few things. First, all the BSF / Casting Out things. When we started The Casting Out, it was basically me writing some acoustic songs. And while BSF was still together, I got in touch with Pat, and we wrote a couple of things.

Pat: I want to interrupt and say that four years ago, this sounded awesome. Really awesome. In our living rooms in Delaware, me and Nathan playing guitars. Oh, it was good. Oh boy.

Nathan: Point being, it's an evolutionary process. When we started out, it was basically just a reflection of what I had written acoustically. I was in Richmond, playing some acoustic shows. It was me, Robby from Ann Beretta, and Darby that was playing in the beginning of this whole shit. And then we got these guys together, and we had Josh in the band from BSF. And we've been trading in and out and it's just been changing ever since. And it's funny because when I first started the band, I wanted to do something laid back and fun, and then we kept going and it was like…I can't stop jumping like a retarded monkey. It felt weird because I was playing guitar at the time, and I felt restricted.

Pat: And then we tried to play…softer. And it was like we were holding back the whole time. We couldn't not turn things up louder.

Chris: It got to the point where we owed people so much money that we needed to start being very serious about what we do [laughter].

Nathan: It not, people would kill us. But as we kept going, we finally found our sound.

Pat: We wrote a new punk rock song recently that I can barely play. It's so fast.

Nathan: The only guy that can play it is me and Jack, the new guy from One Win Choice. But every song they play is that fast, and he's like "Oh, a punk song? I can play that" and these guys here are like "Ohhh shit…"

Pat: I talked to McDermott from the Souls and it was like "You look so comfortable when you play!"

Gene: But there is not a sober bone in his body when he plays. He's got a weed tech, though.

Pat: I love weed, I'm always high.

You talk about feeling restricted…why is there just a tiny bit of screaming on the record and not more? Pat: Because I couldn't get Nathan to play in a stoner rock band with me [laughter]. We're starting a new band called Vulture, look for it in 2009. We're never gonna play a show though, by the way.

Nathan: Then we also have this band Characteristics of a Housefly, and it's just awful, noisy shit that you would never ever want to listen to. Because it's awful. Vulture, you may want to hear, but this band, we sound like Throbbing Gristle, from the seventies. They started the whole industrial movement. Point being, you will not want to hear it. But as we keep moving along, it was like "OK, I want to get in this band, I don't want to fucking scream, I'm old, I'm over that shit. But now, I'm pretty much open to anything. On the next album, there might be a little more, but it will be more in the punk vein and not the hardcore vein.

Pat: If it warrants screaming, then we'll do it. But if not, we won't.

Nathan: There's a point where you say "I don't want to do this and that". But then you think that you were in this band that sort of had a gimmick - well, not a gimmick, I don't want to say that, but it was like there was a way things were done. Now I'm in a new band and I can redefine how things are done. And with this band, we're very open. We can do whatever the fuck we want to do.

Chris: We could write a country song, which I would like to do, and everyone would be down with it. It wouldn't matter.

Give us an update in Josh, like how it was having him in the band and how he's doing now. Nathan: He's doing great.

Pat: We were watching football with him an hour ago. He loves Dallas, I hate Dallas. Josh is funnier than I am and I hate it.

Nathan: Pat is the funniest guy, but when Josh comes around, he becomes unfunny.

Pat: I cannot talk when Josh is around. Me and Gene, collectively, are very funny. Gene's not in the band, by the way. Hey Gene, introduce yourself.

Gene: Yo. Word.

Pat: So Josh is awesome. Josh hurt himself a while ago, as you all know. It's not like he can't tour, but he can't sit in a piece of shit van for eight hours at a time and sit upright and sleep in basements because he's in a lot of pain. I wish he was in the band with us still. But he can't, physically. Actually I am glad he's not in the band because I'm funny again. I love Josh to death but I am funny when he is not in the band. I make jokes that are funny as hell.

Gene: It's like Voltron.

Pat: Yeah, when he's around it's like AHHH WHAT AM I GONNA DO [unintelligible]…VOLTRON. FUCK MY PUSSY. But Josh is awesome, he wrote some of the songs.

I don't know if you can talk about this, but what happened with Darby? Pat: She's great. Here's what happened. She couldn't tour with us because her husband got into UCLA's graduate film school which accepts like 20 or 30 people a year, and he's been trying to get in forever. And she had two kids, so she moved out there. It was a great opportunity.

Nathan: On top of that, it was good for her to get out of Delaware. As far as the band was going, there was also no place for piano. Pat had to convince me.

Chris: We tried out another girl, but it just didn't work.

Pat: I had to convince Nathan so hard that we didn't need a piano and keyboard.

Nathan: And I wanted it because I wanted it to be different, but then the different thing became what everyone else was doing.

Pat: There's only one song with piano; "These Alterations," which I got Nazi-ed into playing. I play one note the whole time, and they turned it into a piano part somehow.

Why is there a dog in that song? [note: a random dog barks halfway through the song for no apparent reason] All: OHHHHH NOOOOO [fake sobbing].

Nathan: What happened was we were on our way to the studio, and it's Pat and I in the car. And it's really weird, honestly. And we've made up about five or ten stories about this. We're driving, and this dog drove out…[laughs] drove out. No he did not drive out. This dog ran out, we slammed on the dog, and we hit the dog. We were a little fucked up about it so we picked up the dog and we took it to the studio with us, and it was really weird. It was bleeding everywhere. But this has nothing to do with the barking part. We had to call the vet, and all this shit happened. I don't even know what happened to the dog, but that showed up on the fucking tape, and I don't know where it came from. We were recording the hand claps and we played it back and we were like "What the fuck is that!" John, the guy we recorded with, went pale white and freaked out, and asked if we wanted to keep it and we were like fuck yeah!

Chris: Or, our manager has a dog and it started barking, I don't know. You can pick either one of those stories.

Nathan: Shut up! [laughs]

Pat: You're going to print the first story, right?

You better believe that I'm printing everything Nathan: Dillinger Four…fuck 'em. I hate bands. I hate anything you like.

Speaking of things you hate, is it nice to not sing about politics anymore? All: Awww, yeah.

Pat: Me, I hate singing about politics because honestly, I don't sing that often when I am playing drums [laughter]. I do one thing right, just one thing, and that's play the drums. And sometimes I'll be playing drums and I'll catch myself talking about Barack Obama and it's really embarrassing.

Nathan: Well, with BSF, we were a very political band, and with this band, it's very possible that some of that element could get in there. But we're not a political band-

Pat: [interrupts] Like keeping Mexicans out of America. [shocked laughter from all] Oh shit. Where is the delete button on this recorder? I'm ashamed of myself. I retract every statement. But I do hate Mexicans. Wait, no. They work very hard, all of the time, I swear.

Nathan: Here is some of the shit that you have to learn about this band. The joke is more important than reality. It's been great and pretty liberating with this band because BSF was very strict and stern in the public but in personal situations, we were very light-hearted and just had fun. And this band is the complete opposite. As people, we have our viewpoints and beliefs, but with the way shit has been going these days, it almost seems ridiculous to have a viewpoint these days.

Pat: We're at the point where it's like…we make jokes, and if you can't handle them, fuck you.

Nathan: That's actually more important that anything else. You see more bullshit in the media with people telling jokes than you see serious beliefs. So we sort of go out on a limb with just about anything.

Pat: I'm tired of being too serious. If I was that serious, I probably wouldn't be here talking to you right now.

Chris: It's someone else's turn to take over and do that kind of thing.

Pat: Rage Against the Machine can have it.

Gene: Rage Against the Machine sucks my ass.

Chris: Everybody, that's Gene Shaw, Landenburg, PA. 259-…

Politics? Nathan: you know, the best part? we've always just sort of been clowns. We get up there, say what we want to say, and that's how it should be. Hardcore and punk rock has always been about getting up there and being dickheads. And that's what so bullshit about the scene. Everybody's so opinionated, worrying about bands that don't fit in with their viewpoints. There are so many bands that I like that have nothing in common with how I feel, but I respect them because they're assholes about it. I love it. That's what it's about. I think this, this, and this…fuck it, I'm out. I play good music, that's all that matters. It's funny how weird this shit can get. Let's take this back to the BSF interview you and I did a while ago, where I was like…the new Propagandhi record, it's just not my thing. I really loved all the stuff they've done previously, and I can even now look back and say that it's a pretty good album. I can get into it now. There was some post about what BSF was up to, and someone was like "I heard they hate Propagandhi, fuck them". Really? And I don't understand how people don't understand what caricatures they really are. When you're writing shit on the internet about how bullshit people are under an anonymous name, it's like…

Chris: I saw you backed us up though, good shit. I read that thing, and I was getting kind of pissed off, because I'm a regular, hard working dude. I'm 29 years old. And I'm thinking how lame it is that people are so pissed off at this. Why do people waste their time saying dumb fucking shit about a band? I'm struggling over here. We're in debt, we're just trying to make our way through.

Nathan: It's funny how, when people do this, they don't step back and think…man, I've got better things to do than this.

Chris: It's because they don't. Send me your fucking demo, and I'll trash it.

Nathan: It goes back to Bambi: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Pat: We love the Lawrence Arms, by the way.

Gene: The internet tells people what's cool and what's not cool. And people will follow that. I mean, I'm a vinyl nerd. On those message boards…people will talk about one album and the next minute it's on Ebay selling for ridiculous prices. It's what happens. Kids these days don't do anything, all they do is sit around and post, and let that dictate their lives. They let that dictate what bands they like, what bands they go to see. It's not like us. I would go to any show that was around when I was growing up, just because it was something to do. But this was AOL 1.1.

Chris: And this is our job. We'll come visit you at your job and tell you how much you suck.

Nathan: Sell more TV's, asshole. Make more fries, dick.

Chris: I would listen to bands that really fucking matter, bands like Avail and shit like that. Every word they said fucking matters. It just meant something, and shit doesn't seem to matter anymore. It's like fucking puppet theater. I'm getting stirred up thinking about it right now. I just want our shit to mean something. I listen to our record and it's like…to me, this means something.

Pat: We have a lot of different tastes in this band. I listen to a lot of shit that everybody hates. Everybody hates me. But we all collectively put our influences together and just make music that we like. I am so stoked about our band…it's ridiculous. And I'll promote the shit out of myself, because I love our music. It's exactly what I need to be doing right now.

Nathan: It just bums me out that you have so many clueless internet assholes that are like "Here's what I think…" and "Propagandhi are the shit…" and they don't leave the house, they don't give a fuck about anything. You won't go out and make a difference. You will just sit and talk shit about bands that don't matter. The casting out don't matter. BSF never fucking mattered.

Chris: I've seen Propagandhi and you probably haven't because they never tour, so fuck you [laughter].

Nathan: [takes mic] Real quick. Propagandhi doesn't matter. BSF never mattered. This band does not matter. Rock and roll, punk rock…does not fucking matter. All of the reunion shows that have been going on don't fucking matter. What it comes down to…we're all just down to have fun. It doesn't matter what Propagandhi or NOFX tell you, because you aren't going out into the streets and making shit happen. These people get behind these bands like they're changing the world, and they ain't changing shit. No one is changing anything.

Pat: Except Coldplay. We love our bartender.

Nathan: If you wanna tell if a band has changed the world, go to your college professor and name them. And then in the next sentence, name Casto, name Che Guevara, name anyone else who has actually changed the course of the world, whether wrong or right. And then name a band. Propagandhi. Your professor is gonna go…who? If you wanna make a difference, go make it outside of music and quit being a fucking dickhole. And if your only idea of revolution and change in music is Rage Against the Machine or Audioslave, fuck you anyway. Tom Morello with a megaphone going bow-chicka-bow-bow. Give me a fucking break.

Pat: The day they started doing a capella was the day I stopped jerking off. Just kidding I jerk off all the time.

Gene: Remember when Anti-Flag were something? [laughs]

Nathan: Just so you all know, we're never getting another tour, ever.

Chris: When you're all pissed off because your hair straightener broke, then it's probably time to go away.

This all started out with Obama. Awesome stream of consciousness. Chris: You're going to have to edit the fuck out of this.

Nathan: Nah man, fuck it, throw it all on there.

People are going to read this, and then comment about it on the internet…[laughs] Nathan: I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna go online, and you're gonna talk so much shit about how bullshit we are. And then, and then, and then…you're gonna do nothing. You're gonna jerk off in front of your computer. And you know what's gonna happen then? I'm gonna fuck your mom, and you're gonna be so pissed off.

Gene: AND SHE'S GOING TO HAVE A KID, AND I'M GONNA NAME IT DANTE 4000 [extreme laughter].

Chris: Yo Dan, when you knew you were gonna come and interview our band, and you looked in your closet…how did you pick your outfit?

Nathan: He said fuck, I'm not gonna worry about it, I got cargo shorts [laughs]. Propagandhi, Lawrence Arms, and Dillinger Four suck. They're also bands that I actually like a lot, but you will think I hate them and you'll talk shit.

How psyched are you guys to go on tour with awesome bands like The Bouncing Souls and Strike Anywhere? Nathan: its fucking great, and It's about fucking time. I'm not gonna name names, but we have been on tour with bands that we just didn't fit in with. It was fun, we made friends, but it was like these bands that were pop bands. And we've got some pop sounds, but it did not fit.

Pat: Here's the thing. If we were gonna tour with Propagandhi, Lawrence Arms, and Dillinger Four, I would really make a little poop. I would not know what to do.

Nathan: We toured with some Fall Out Boy kinds of bands, it just didn't work.

Pat: I'm gonna name names. Lannen Fall. You are great guys, but we don't like you at all. I listened to your record, I hate it, but I listen to it daily, and I don't want to. I have to. We love you guys.

Chris: It's nice to go out with bands that actually fit our genre. We'd be the punk band at a pop show. And there are 13 year old girls in the audience.

Nathan: I'm running around swinging cords around and screaming in people's faces, and girls are crying in the front row. But these are good fucking bands. I'll put it out there, I don't love every Bouncing Souls album, but what it really comes down to is I respect the shit out of them. They've been around for so long and they do what they do. What else can you say about them? And you've got all these new school bands that just ape Fall Out Boy.

Pat: All Time Low. Seriously, that band makes me want to shit music. It would come out better than them. Fuck them. I don't care who they are, I don't know them, but fuck them.

Chris: We're old dudes…if I see something I don't like, I'm not gonna fucking say that I like it.

Pat: There is a good point to be made. When you want to fuck 14 year olds, you have to make pussy music. And I will put it in that 14 year old ass. Whenever I can.

Chris: Think about guys like The Sleeping. We know them, they're older dudes. They're in a shitty position. They make the music they want to make, but get lumped in with all that other garbage.

Nathan: Who was that band we toured with with the Sleeping? A Wilhelm Scream. That band is fucking awesome. I didn't even know it…I just recently listened to them. It's what the new Propagandhi album should have sounded like. But they will never be the next big thing because they aren't "safe". And they're older dudes too. Here's the thing. Everyone on, or whatever, punk still sucks, and I hate you.

Pat: Nathan was just looking at this little recorder like he wanted to take it and beat it up and it was fucking sick. That means you, faggot [laughs]. But really, go do your algebra homework. NOW. Because your mom is gonna be pissed.

Chris: And if you do get pissed off about that f-word, get pissed off and write a really good record like Bob Mould did. His new record's fucking awesome!

Nathan: And he takes it in the ass better than all you motherfuckers do.

This question is actually for Chris. Was the transition from roadie to band member totally awesome? Chris: I mean, I played with those guys in Europe and it was pretty fucking surreal. I was practicing the song, it took me three days to learn them, and I hadn't played guitar in two years. It was the most stressful time of my life. I played a lot when Josh got hurt. I love this band to death, but I look back at those times with BSF and it was like…those guys were my family, and that was the best time of my life. When I look back on it, we did a lot of cool things together. But no, I never wanted to be in BSF.

We've kind of been talking on and off about this, but what's the best album in your current rotation? One each. Chris: Best album or album you listen to the most? Well, I'm totally fucked here, but I'm gonna say…our album [laughs]. Because when you make a fucking album, you're gonna listen to it like eight hundred fucking times. We're really honest about it. You have to listen to it once a day. But that makes me suck, so fuck me.

Nathan: The album I listen to the most…I'm gonna sound like a fucking douchebag now. I don't listen to a ton, but when I do, I listen to my iPod when I go to the gym.

Pat: I've seen Nathan stretch, and it's glorious.

Nathan: My gym playlist…. A lot of Minor Threat. Fear. Lots of Fear. The more recent bands that I listen to…hmm. The National is great. Rocket from the Crypt, all the time. Samiam, Jawbreaker, Integrity. Humanity is the Devil is one of the best hardcore albums ever.

Chris: We've been listen to a lot of Bloc Party. The new Bloc Party is really good.

Gene: The new These Arms Are Snakes album is fucking awesome.

Pat: Three records I listen to every week: The Jealous Sound, Torche's Meanderthal, and the Riverboat Gamblers. I also listen to Mastodon on common rotation.

Gene: The new Mammoth Grinder LP is amazing.

Pat: I also love bands everybody else hates. Like Mastodon, and A lot of stoner rock shit.

Gene: Gimme that back, I got one more. That Narrows 7" is unstoppable.

Chris: I really want an I Hate You reunion. I Hate Myself would be cool too.

Who is going to the super bowl this year? All: Eagles / Steelers!

Chris: And the World Series…Cubs / Rays, in seven. [Note: this was said about a month back. Chris was wrong].

Nathan: Up until what really happens, I'm gonna root for the Phillies. And after that, I'm gonna say…I don't give a shit, I just like football.

What's up next after the tour? Chris: We're sleeping at your house until we get evicted.

Nathan: Touring more.

Chris: After, we're gonna go back to kicking our own asses working shitty jobs. And then write more music. I'd like to work a bit and make more money. We exhausted ourselves touring and it kind of put us in the hole. We're adults; we have to take care of our lives. We have responsibilities to our families and friends, and we owe people money that believed in us. We'll do whatever the fuck it takes.

That's all I got man. Chris: No way, this can't be over, it's only been an hour and a half!

Pat: I've got a question for the bartender.

Bartender: What's your question?

Pat: Can we have free shots of Jameson?

Bartender: No.