Jesse Lacey of Brand New recently spoke to Alter the Press. In a revealing interview, he talks about his experience with the major label that released 2006's The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me:

I've never made money off a record sale. I made money on a record advance that has to do with the industry, a companies investment in me but I've never seen a return. For a band like us and Kevin to keep doing what we're doing is by doing shows. Why charge a kid for a record?

Give him an option maybe. If he wanted to buy it at your show for $5-10 and getting the packaging or wanting to buy it in a store but if quality of a music reaches a point online where it sounds as good as anywhere else, I mean I don't like paying for records either. When it gets down to it, most of the time I don't. As long as kids keep coming to the show, buying a ticket and wanting to experience the music with me in a setting like this then they can have it for free.

Check out the rest of the interview (which also features Kevin Devine), right here.