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Cobra Skulls were forced to miss a show, but the band had a fairly good reason:

After a great show at the Triple Rock we left for Omaha on Sunday morning and passed about 25 cars that had spun out of control from frozen roads and high winds. One lady, 100 yards in front of us, lost control of her car and spun into the median almost taking out the car in the left lane next to her. The weather got better the closer we got to Omaha after passing through Des Moines, but about 15 miles out from Omaha we ran out of gas.

Adam grabbed his Sector 9 and took off to fill a can of gas at an exit that was literally 300 yards in front of us. I got out to piss. I was about 100 feet in front of the van and I turned to walk back and I saw a semi barrelling down the highway and I could tell it was a little too far to the right in the right lane. It ended up blasting the left tire off the side of our trailer and bounced the fender along the side of our van. Long story short, we did not make it to the show.

The band released the Never Be a Machine [7 inch] in 2008.