Mikoto has seen the departure of three members: Matt Moody (guitar/vocals), Kelly Orr (bass), and Max Cuzor (drums). All three are leaving to focus on their electro/pop project, Teen Hearts. Kelly has made the following statement regarding the split:

When I joined Mikoto in 2004 I had no fucking idea what hardcore music even was. I mean seriously I grew up listening to fucking Blink 182, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and a ton of other bands along the same lines as those. Ok, I'll admit it… I was a fucking SKA kid.

Mikoto is made up of some of the most amazing dudes I've ever met and in no way do I hold any grudges towards any of them and I hope they feel the same way about me. They understand that when an opportunity comes along for you to do something you love and something you see so much potential in, it would just be silly to not pursue it.

The remaining members of Mikoto have also responded:

Mikoto is not breaking up! We have members lined up that will be replacing all of the guys stepping down and all of our future touring plans are still happening. This is a rebirth and we are extremely excited about this new venture. We will be annoucing the new members shortly

The group released We Are The Architects in October 2008.