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Legendary punk frontman, label owner, and spoken word artist Jello Biafra has written an open letter to President-elect Barack Obama. The outspoken Biafra has included in the letter his political opinions and positions on issues that he has formerly discussed in his spoken word performances and other outlets. Says Biafra in his own introduction of the letter:

Nevertheless I, too, felt moved by his speech in the park that night in Chicago, seeing Jesse Jackson cry and wondering how Martin Luther King, Jr would have felt. I can only imagine how much this would have meant to Wesley Willis. And, yes, I am glad that the adult version of the Eraserhead baby and his pitbull pal were not handed the keys to the White House. I guess that's why it hurts so much more when the guy we all wish we could hang out with when we see him on TV turns around and backs the wrong position on something important.

The rest of the introduction, along with the entire letter itself, is available online here.