Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Eyeball

The Blackout Pact have revealed some more information about their reunion first announced in October. The band is planning one last show, as well as releasing a five-song EP via Eyeball and their own Tired Owl Records.

The EP, Wolves in the Lazarette, will be recorded with Chris Fogal of The Gamits at his studio Black in Bauhm. The EP is expected in Spring 2009. Drummer Wisam Alshabi explained:

The reason we are putting this record out is very simple. We owed it to our fans, the kids that drove a thousand miles to come see us, the kids that got inked for the rest of their lives with our lyrics, or anybody else that was a part of the pact. The other reason was to satisfy ourselves. Some of the songs on Hello Sailor are nearly 4-5 years old. We wanted to satisfy this feeling we all had .

The final show is set for January 23rd, 2009 at the Old Curtis St. Tavern in Denver, Colorado.