Most Popular Stories of 2008

As the year end approaches, I figured we could take a look back and see what the most popular stories were of 2008 in terms of raw page views. Unlike last year, where many of the choices were some high profile arrests, 2008 was a little more diverse, with good news like the debut of Thorns of Life, to political news like Barack Obama's election to sad news like the death of Descendents guitarist Frank Navetta.

Stay tuned for your albums of the year tomorrow.

  1. Warped Tour unveils final band lineup for 2008
  2. Alkaline Trio unveils custom Nike shoes
  3. Frank Navetta of the Descendents (-2008)
  4. Max Bemis paints with one brush
  5. Barack Obama wins US election
  6. Warped Tour dates posted
  7. Travis Barker in critical condition following plane crash
  8. Rise Against / Alkaline Trio / Thrice / Gaslight Anthem
  9. More details, video from the Thorns of Life (Blake Schwarzenbach, Aaron Cometbus)
  10. Kevin Lyman talks Warped 2009: longer sets, less stages
  11. NOFX (25th Anniversary)
  12. The Gaslight Anthem: "The '59 Sound (Live on Conan)"
  13. Chuck Ragan / Tim Barry / Ben Nichols "Revival Tour"
  14. Sid Vicious, Ian Curtis, Billie Joe Armstrong to pitch Converse in new campaign
  15. Bratz dolls go punk
  16. Blake Schwarzenbach's new band debuts
  17. Anti-Flag weighs in Barack Obama's win
  18. Happy Holidays from
  19. Jello Biafra writes open letter to Obama
  20. Violence against "emos" sweeps across Mexico
  21. Alkaline Trio drops by "The Hills"
  22. Tim McIlrath (Rise Against)
  23. The Dillinger Four Leak drama wrap-up
  24. Warner requiring 360 deals from everyone
  25. Writer asks if there has been a band as significant as Nirvana