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Jesse Michaels has released some information on his new band - Classics of Love. The band features Michaels on guitar and vocals, Mike Huegenor on guitar, Morgan Herell on bass and Max Feshbach on drums - all three other members are currently in The Hard Girls and have played in Pteradon and Shinobu. Michaels had the following to say about forming a new band:

I had been doing solo stuff but really wanted to start a band. My hopes weren't too high because in the past I have found it very difficult to find people to play with who had good instincts, who weren't fucked up in some way, and who didn't party too much (Common Rider notwithstanding). Mike and Skylar from Asian Man records suggested I try jamming with these "Hard Girls" dudes for the sake of recording a 7". To make the story short, it worked out. I feel very fortunate to have found such compatible people to work with.

Our sound is basically high energy mid-tempo rock/ punk. We are experimenting with adding a little trashy reggae but if we do it will probably just be for a song or two rather than being a staple. We like The Who, The Clash, Bob Mould, Husker Du, The Hold Steady, Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses, Fugazi, The Wipers, Guided by Voices, The Kinks, and a lot of other stuff but don't really sound like any of those bands exactly.

The band's current plans include a four show mini-tour of Los Angeles and regular dates in the Bay Area starting in February. There is an EP in the works for Asian Man and longer tours in the future. Michaels had a surprise debut for the band last month during a Plea For Peace Toy Drive show in San Francisco.