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according to this is nothing but the sad truth:
"American Steel announced from the stage that they were breaking up at their recent show in Sacramento. The band will play a last show on May 18th at Gilman Street in Berkeley with The Cost, Red Light Sting and Moneen. Here is a statement from the band: Over the course of five or more years American Steel has been a group of close friends playing and recording music together. Inspired by our old friendships and encouraged by our shared ethos, politics, music and simply, our idea of a good time. More importantly, over this time our lives have been filled with struggle, jubilance and personal growth. And so, in this spirit, we have decided collectively to bind this period of time and body of work together and break up the band. We continue to write and play music together and with others so you will no doubt be seeing from us all in the future. Thank you everyone who has listened to us play and for sharing with us some very wonderful times. Peace and love, American Steel"