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Slackers tenor saxophonist Dave Hillyard has unveiled three new songs from his side project the Rocksteady 7. The New York ska veteran commented on the tracks:

RNA is short for "Rocksteady National Anthem." It was my opening theme music for a european tour and I worked into a full song version. Its horns around a straight binghi rhythm. Direct influences are obviously Count Ossie and Cedric Brooks.

Change of Plans is a phrase you hear all the time on the road. "We were supposed to play at 8 but there's been a CHANGE OF PLANS." The song is supposed to have a slightly chaotic sound. For the music nerds, yes, it is built around whole tone scales.

Greedy is a modal type tune. It has a swingi beat, that is its a swung binghi beat that is 4/4 and 6/8 depending on how you look at it. And yes to add to the indulgence I play soprano on it.

The new songs were all recorded live with no overdubs at Seaside Studio in Brooklyn. Hillyard is currently trying to find a label to release the 12 song set on. As previously reported the album will include covers of tracks by Fela Kuti, the Hippy Boys, Hepcat's Lino Trujillo, and Mexican composer Armando Manzanero.

Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7 last released United Front in 2003, followed by the 2007 live album Way out East: Live at The Kassablanca. The Slackers put out Self Medication in 2008,