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Bomb the Music Industry! has delayed the release of their new album, Scrambles. The record is now due for release on February 15, 2009:

All of Scrambles was recorded and sequenced using a lot of demo versions of plug-ins/programs. This meant that once the final mix got started, it had to be finished within 14 days no matter what. It also meant that once I had sequenced the final master, I could burn a CD of it but I could not SAVE that sequence. Only burn it. So the MP3's I had burnt for the band, right? Well those were of the older master that I didn't notice a few mistakes in. And then I ran out of CD-R's so there is only one good copy. So, long story short the only people who actually have the album are the fine people who are pressing it.

The band released Get Warmer in 2007.