by Subcity

Hopeless/Subcity have announced the 8th annual Take Action compilation. Set to coincide with the upcoming tour, the set is due out February 17, 2009 and will feature unreleased tracks from Meg and Dia, The Spill Canvas, and Four Year Strong, as well as unreleased videos from Rise Against and All Time Low.

  1. Cute Is What We Aim For - "PSA"
  2. Cute Is What We Aim For - "Doctor"
  3. Motion City Soundtrack - "Fell In Love Without You"
  4. Emery - "The Smile, The Face"
  5. There For Tomorrow - "Remember When (Used To Be Used To It)"
  6. The Spill Canvas - "All Over You (Live In Sioux Falls) *Unreleased"
  7. Breathe Carolina - "Diamonds"
  8. Forever The Sickest Kids - "The Party Song"
  9. Versa Emerge - "In Pursuing Design"
  10. Meg & Dia - "Halloween *Unreleased"
  11. Ace Enders - "Reaction"
  12. Anarbor - "The Brightest Green"
  13. Every Avenue - "Think Of You Later (Empty Room)"
  14. You Me At Six - "Jealous Minds Think Alike"
  15. Bayside - "You've Already Been"
  16. Red Car Wire - "Timing Just Isn't Your Thing"
  17. Sing It Loud - "Come Around"
  18. Cinematic Sunrise - "Umbrellas and Elephants"
  19. Four Year Strong - "So Hot, And You Sweat On It *Unreleased"
  20. All Time Low - "Remembering Sunday"
  1. Motion City Soundtrack - "Fell In Love Without You"
  2. Hit The Lights - "Stay Out"
  3. All Time Low - "Poppin' Champagne (Remix Video) *Unreleased"
  4. There For Tomorrow - "No More Room To Breathe"
  5. Plain White T's - "Natural Disaster"
  6. Hawthorne Heights - "Somewhere In Between"
  7. Portugal, The Man - "Lay Me Back Down"
  8. Rise Against - "The Good Left Undone (Live at Hurricane Festival) *Unreleased"
  9. Underoath - "Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"
  10. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - "The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow"
  11. Foxy Shazam - "A Dangerous Man"
  12. Before Their Eyes - "Life Was All A Dream"
  13. Do Something - "Overview Video"