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None More Black have an update for 2009:

It saddens us to announce the departure of our long time drummer and brother, Jared Shavelson, from the band. He shared the most time with us, and is possibly one of the best drummers around today. However, the time has come for both entities to move in different directions.

We'd like to introduce the newest addition to the NMB family, who most of you may know from bands such as, New Mexican Disaster Squad & Gatorface. As well as being the man behind Horsebites Design.. Richard Minino!! Richard has been a long time friend of ours, and it's a pleasure to announce his addition to the band.

We're also workin on some new music, which will not be made available anytime soon, nor will be complete anytime soon. Just know the machine is slowly moving and preparing to crush in 2009.

The band released This Is Satire in 2006. Frontman Jason Shevchuck recently contributed vocals to P.O.S' Never Better.