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A split acoustic album between Squirtgun's Flav Giorgini and Mike Scott, from English melodic hardcore band Phinius Gage, is being released in the US by new Californian label Drop Anchor! Entertainment (home to Chon Travis). Its mastered by Mass Giorgini.

The label explained:

American pop-punk legends Squirtgun and English melodic hardcore act Phinius Gage are two bands separated by style, a decade or so and several thousand miles, but Flav Giorgini and Mike Scott have come together to offer a split acoustic album despite all the odds. Meeting when they both played some shows in the UK with Kevin Seconds, they hit on the idea of a record together, which saw the light of day in Europe in January 2009.

You can find music from both on their respective MySpace pages: Flav Giorgini and Mike Scott.