Pelican has signed to Southern Lord. They are planning a new EP shortly. The band commented on their departure from Hydrahead and other plans:

We couldn't be more excited- the label is home to some good friends and amazing bands: Boris, Earth, Sunn0))), Wolves in the Throne Room, Burning Witch… I could seriously go on all day. Please don't get the wrong impression, Hydrahead are still our friends and family. But after 6 years, 3 full lengths, 3 eps, 2 dvds, and a large handful of limited releases we felt like we needed a change of scenery, a chance to try some different waters.

While we were in Seattle we headed into Red Room Studios with our buddy Chris Common (These Arms Are Snakes) to record 3 new songs to be released as an EP on Southern Lord sometime around May or June. The record will feature two new songs "Embedding the Moss" and "Ephemeral" which we debuted on our last tour, as well as our first ever cover song.

The band released City of Echoes in 2007.