Bouncing Souls
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Bouncing Souls continue to celebrate their 20th anniversary as they tour through South America. They've decided to offer us some Dispatches while on the road, the first of which we are pleased to present right now.

The band is two months into a year in which they plan on releasing one song per month.

Greg: Here it is: Welcome to Day 1 of my South America tour journal. The Bouncing Souls have been talking about going for more than 10 years..It's really happening! This is a great way to start our 20 year anniversary.

I"m not in South America yet, I'm at home in Idaho packing my bags and getting ready to drive to the airport. I have to leave the house at 2:30am to make my 6:30am flight in Boise. Yes, I do live waaaay up in the mountains of Idaho. I'm going to sleep. See you tomorrow in Mexico City!!!

Bryan: Mexico has been awesome so far! It's always great to hit new places with the buds, and this is a tour of all new countries for us. Last night had to be one of the best house parties we've collectively been to in a while, and some of the best food I've had in my life, thanks to Juliette. I've met a lot of Mexican-Americans in my day, but last night I met my some American-Mexicans. That is to say, Juliette is an ex-patriot hailing from Portland, who happens to cook some crucial Mexican cuisine, her boyfriend Oscar shared his bottle of Herradura tequila with us. We told him we drink a lot of Patron back in the states but he insisted his favorite brand was better, and it was indeed smooth. "Un tipo suave" haha.

This one is from Greg:
We checked out Mexico City today with our good friend and promoter, Chema, & his friend Sam. First we interviewed and played some songs we love on The Reactor 105.7fm radio with our new friend Ariadna. Thanks for having us.Then we had a few hours to run around the city and look at stuff. It's a beautiful place.

The city was beautiful and so was the food at the Vegetarian taco place..mmm. We found a few minutes to stop at the Frida Kahlo museum too before sound check. The show is in an amazing old church. There is something really satisfying about rocking in an old church..Right now I'm in the hotel gathering some more strength to rock as best I can. It's been a long 2 days and its not gonna end til the 8 shows are over. There are some extremely stoked kids lined all the way down the block. Vamos!Honestly… I was just checking what I wrote above for typos and was about to send it and I just got a text message from our tour manager, Kate. Here is exactly what it says: "Can you wait to come back for another half hour or more? The show is sold out and there's almost a riot outside!" Hasta Luego…