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"After their mini-tour in Europe, Horace Pinker is finally going in to record the follow up to the great "Pop culture failure". In June, the band will go in to record with Steve Albini. Also, they are finally releasing the discography cd "Seven mile road" this fall, which was delayed in order to record a couple new songs to go with the career spanning disc which will have songs from all the HP eras. (source: ) In related news, Horace pinkers website (dont know if its still up) had a picture of none other than Hein and his daughter wearing a horace pinker shirt. So….Cute…..Cant….Stand…..It…..Bones! Help me!"
Speaking of the mini-tour of Europe, those dates are below. And if you want to see the picture of Hein and his daughter, click here. Damn, it really is adorable…

04/25 derby, england @victoria inn
04/26 london, england w/guttermouth @astoria
04/27 meerhout, belgium - groez rock festival w/bad religion, sick of it all, down by law
04/28 wermelskirchen, germany w/lightyear @az bahndamn
04/29 hannover, germany @chez heinz
04/30 munchen, germany @kafe kult
05/01 zeitz, germany @kulturkafe muggefug
05/02 hamburg, germany @marquee
05/04 torino, italy @el paso
05/05 venrona, italy - nhn festival @teatro tenda
05/10 rennes, france @mondo bizzaro
05/11 worcester, england @crown
05/12 portsmouth, england @jongleurs