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The Arizona Star has launched a lawsuit against Tucson-based punk band, Awful Truth. The band came into some controversy due to their choice of the photo of a recently slain police officer on their album cover. Many - including many readers - condemned the use of the photo.

The photo, taken by Star photographer James S. Wood, shows officers giving medical attention to Hite, who had been shot in the head on June 1, 2008 during a crosstown chase and shooting spree. Hite, 43, died June 2. The man accused of shooting Hite, 26-year-old David "Nick" Delich, is scheduled to go to trial in January 2010.

Photos taken by the Star are protected by copyright laws and therefore cannot be reproduced without permission. As a result, the news paper filed Monday in U.S. District Court and claims Awful Truth committed copyright infringement when it used the photo for its album "Kill a Cop for God."