Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Matador

Jaguar Love has announced the departure of drummer Jay Clark, and with it, some radical changes to their set list and sound:

We are going to be touring as a two piece, playing to a drum machine. We will be playing only 3 songs from the record, (Highways of Gold, Bats over the Pacific, and Jaguar Pirates) but they sound a bit different now, it's almost like we remixed them and are playing the remixes.

The rest of the set will composed of new songs (Boom, Polariods and Red Wine, Evaline, I started a Fire, Ghost Party and Tricerisaurus-Hex) and a Minor Threat cover (Small Man, Big Mouth). The vibe of the new material is kind of Daft Punk meets New Order meets Black Flag

The current lineup of the band is Cody Votolato and Johnny Whitney, both formerly of The Blood Brothers. Jaguar Love released Take Me to the Sea in 2008.