Oakland's Olehole have updated their lineup. Last year the band enlisted the aid of The Lawrence Arms' Neil Hennessy to fill in behind the drums. They've found a replacement and updated us with the following information.

1) We have parted ways with Alex Case. The move comes about with no hard feelings between the rest of us and Alex - merely, he is an incredibly busy man without much time for recreational rocking and rolling. We thank him for being such a ripping drummer and for contributing what has become one of the worst band names I've ever heard. He remains a righteous dude, and will still be shredding locally on occasion with Jackson's new noise shitstorm FRESH TENDRILS or perhaps in another context or dimension altogether. We Love Alex!
2) We also love Ian Anderson, our new drummer, who you have likely pogo'd and pitted to whilst he ripped in DEAD TO ME and BAD FRIENDS (he continues to rip in those great bands). He joins us at a moment in our life when we need a kick in the nuts, and kick he has.

The band is also set to release some 7" records: a split with San Francisco outfit Drowning With Our Anchors (ed. note: sounds like Small Brown Bike and early Thursday smashed up - hella good) and some yet to be announced records. They're also considering a cassette series
in 2009.  The band is also gearing up for the European and Japanese release of Holemole via Go-Kart in May.