Atticus IV announced

Atticus have detailed their upcoming Atticus IV compilation. Due out April 7, 2009, the comp features material from Thursday, In This Moment, New Found Glory, Fireworks, Unearth, Cancer Bats, Meshuggah, In Flames and others. The set covers two discs and will retail for $6.99.

    Disc 1:
  1. Thursday: "Resuscitation Of A Deadman"
  2. The Secret Handshake: "Nothing Can Change That"
  3. Settings: "Nothing Left to Save"
  4. The Friday Night Boys: "High School"
  5. In This Moment: "Sailing Away"
  6. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: "Dry The River"
  7. New Found Glory: "Listen To Your Friends"
  8. Jet Lag Gemini: "Fit To Be Tied"
  9. The Forecast: "A Better Man"
  10. The Classic Crime: "Abracadaver"
  11. VersaEmerge: "Past Praying For"
  12. I See Stars- What This Means To Me"
  13. Fireworks: "Detroit"
  14. Poison The Well: "Slow Good Morning"
  15. Secret & Whisper: "Spider Besider"
  16. Adeem: "Army of None"
  17. A Rocket to the Moon: "If Only They Knew"
    Disc 2:
  1. Whitechapel: "Father of Lies"
  2. August Burns Red: "Chasing the Dragon"
  3. Unearth: "Grave of Opportunity"
  4. God Forbid: "War of Attrition"
  5. Impending Doom: "More Than Conquerors"
  6. Architects: "Early Grave"
  7. Evergreen Terrace: "Wolfbiker"
  8. Cancer Bats: "Deathsmarch"
  9. All Shall Perish: "Never…Again"
  10. In Flames: "Alias"
  11. Lazarus A.D.: "Thou Shall Not Fear"
  12. MyChildren MyBride: "The Machinist"
  13. Vanna: "Safe to Say"
  14. Meshuggah: "ObZen"
  15. The Faceless: "Cold Calculated Design"
  16. Winds of Plague: "One Body Too Many"
  17. Across The Sun: "Angelic Deception"
  18. The Ghost Inside: "Faith Or Forgiveness"