The New York Times has posted an article focusing on the obscure Detroit area proto-punk act Death. The band was playing shows in Detroit in the early 70's and self-released Politicians in My Eyes in 1976. They passed up a label deal based on a refusal to change their then-shocking name. The band recently found a demo tape in their attic and released it in February as …For the Whole World To See. It's available on all the usual digital media outlets for purchase. editor's note:

I just bought the album and have to say this is a fun piece of music - very garage rock with some sweet guitar lines and shockingly well-developed tones all around. This is something I'd definitely recommend to those interested in the garage/pop punk revival going on right now. This was a band with their own voice and sense of aesthetic for the time period. The (still) frighteningly relevant "Politicians In My Eyes" is like the zanier pieces of Dead Kennedys smashed into the later rhythms of Minor Threat - but 10 years before those bands were making music.