Contributed by avi, Posted by Silver Sprocket

The Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club has released a new 7" EP from Vic Ruggiero, front-man of The Slackers, entitled On The Rag Time. The four-song EP is described as a rag-time piano record with all original songs, and featuring Jimmy Boom of The Phenomenauts on drums. The EP has a limited pressing of 500 on red and purple wax. Silver Sprocket will be releasing a full-length follow-up album by Ruggiero this summer.

Silver Sprocket has also re-issued Filth's Live The Chaos 7" EP with a pressing of 500 on green vinyl. The EP was originally released in 1990 on Lookout Records with cover art by Jesse Michaels, the East Bay band's debut release "reminding you to keep your mohawk above water, outta the clouds, and off of the fuckin postcards."

Further information and mail-order can be found on the Silver Sprocket website.