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Strung Out have posted an update on progress towards their next full length:

As for news on our new full length, we have finished up several weeks of pre-production for our new record but, not without incident! Jordan was beating the hell out of his drums during rehearsal when he struck the snare drum in some sort of wrong way and in a freak stroke of bad luck, broke the bone in the tip of his left thumb. X-rays the next day confirmed it was indeed cracked.

So, being that the plan was to start recording Monday, March 16th, and wanting to move forward without throwing things off schedule, we quickly came up with a game plan and got in touch with drummer Jarred Alexander (Throwdown, A Static Lullaby,DBS). He is helping out bigtime and now laying down all the drums as scratch tracks and doing a great job.

Then the guitars, bass, and vocals will be completed as usual. This will give Jordan proper time to heal up and he will re-record his drum tracks as the last process of the recording session.

The band is working with producer Cameron Webb (PW, Social D, Ignite, Motorhead. They released Blackhawks Over Los Angeles in 2007.