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The Aquabats have parted ways with Nitro Records. The band explained:

Due to trying economic times and a struggling musical landscape, the Aquabats have been officially released from Nitro records. While fond memories remain, stark reality faces all of us kids… No record company, no record. That is right kids, although we have been hard at work trying to find the formula for the greatest album ever made….by the Aquabats, we now have no outlet in which to launch such treasured tracks as, 'The Moon is a Circle of Ghosts', 'Funky Doodle Dandy', or 'Dance Posse Girl'. Sadly kids, we don't know what to do. I think its time we all roll up our sleeves and decide to either pack it up and call it quits, OR by some miracle of hard work and perseverance …we … persevere!

The band released Charge!! in 2005 via Nitro.