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According to this Ground Control interview, NOFX is planning a vinyl-only release features old hardcore acts. Fat Mike explained:

We're putting out is a ten-song ten-inch of ten cover songs of old hardcore bands. hey're all from the US and that's all kind of what we grew up on. That's already recorded and mostly they're bands that no one ever heard of and most of their records never made it to CD. It's pretty obscure – a couple of the bigger bands would be The Necros and Social Unrest and Stretch Marks. We're just going to put it out and we're not going to put any information on it; no credits, no song titles, no nothing – just a blank disc – so if you don't know who it is, you won't know who it is.

That will come later though – I'm not sure exactly when.

In the mean time, the band is releasing Coaster on April 28, 2009.