Spinnerette (ex-Distillers) detail debut

Spinnerette, the project from remnants of the Distillers - frontwoman Brody Dalle and guitarist Tony Bevilacqua - have posted some details their debut full length. The record follows the band's debut digital EP, Ghetto Love. A Prescription for Mankind is due out June 2, 2009.

  1. Ghetto Love
  2. All Babes Are Wolves
  3. Cupid
  4. Geeking
  5. Baptized By Fire
  6. A Spectral Suspension
  7. Distorting A Code
  8. Sex Bomb
  9. Driving Song
  10. Rebellious Palpitations
  11. The Walking Dead
  12. Impaler
  13. A Prescription For Mankind