Comeback Kid

 Comeback Kid are out on tour in Europe and have sent us in some notes from the road. The band will also appear at Groezrock.  They released Broadcasting… in 2007 and Through The Noise last October.

Friday, April 10. 7:25 PM

So I'm sitting in the Vidia Club in Cesena, Italy and it's about an hour before we open doors on the first show of our Through the Noise European tour. Through the Noise was originally a Canadian headlining tour we did in October. The idea was to get as many of our favorite bands as possible on one tour, and surprise, it ended up being awesome. So naturally we had to bring it to Europe. We're joined by England's ARCHITECTS this time as well. And our friend Nanouk from Avocado is tour managing, and he just happens to be my favorite German of all time.

The flight over was kind of a nightmare. I ended up in the middle of the entire plane in between two huge dudes. They slept like babies and I had to get up to piss about 20 times. 24 hours of travelling later I ended up in Milan, by myself not having any idea where I was really supposed to go, but I spotted a big purple bus and figured it was meant to be. Sure enough, Stu and the rest of Misery Signals popped out of the lavender leviathan and we started catching up. They just got done touring Asia, after which they had like 20 minutes at home before getting on a plane to meet us. True road warriors.

Our bus is actually nicer than my apartment. If my girlfriend and my dog could live there, and it wasn't, you know, full of foul dudes all the time I would stay in it. Such is life. I'm sure we'll make the best of the situation. I managed to catch up on all the sleep I lost sitting between the two Orcs on the overnight flight. A few short hours later and we're at the club, soundchecking and getting ready to do it all over again. We (Comeback Kid) even dug up an old song to dust off. We're going to try and come up with a few surprises for the next couple months.

I gotta keep this one brief because we got a late start today, so Outbreak are getting ready to wreck the place real soon. First I'm going to have some dinner. Can't miss social hour. Stay glued to your monitors for more updates from the road, and possibly some guest cameos from some of European Through the Noise 2009's hottest celebs. We have high hopes for this one. A good tour starts with hugs and handshakes, and ends with cracking voices and facial hair. Just like the Jonas brothers' careers.

Our thoughts go out to everyone in Italy currently suffering through this week's earthquake. We're stoked so many people still came out to help us kick off this tour.


Matt K

p.s., if there comes a day when BANE sauntering in like they own the place 20 minutes before doors and immediately starting the good times doesn't bring a smile to my face, I'll know I'm on my way out. BANE!