Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid are out on tour in Europe and have sent us in some notes from the road. The band will also appear at Groezrock. They released Broadcasting… in 2007 and Through The Noise last October. Their other episodes are here: Comeback Kid (Episode 1), Comeback Kid (Episode 2).

Update #3

I had a very stressful Monday. I woke up at noon, had a sandwich that I had to MAKE MYSELF, and then napped for 6 hours. Do you have any idea what kind of commitment it takes to nap for that long? You don't. Munich is a nice city but I honestly never see that much of it. This venue has killer beds and food, that's why. Lot's of fizzy water though. I don't know what that's for. Does anyone honestly find that stuff refreshing?

It's awesome to be back in Germany. We always have fun here. Once in awhile you get some "tough love" German style. This is where a German person compliments you by way of insulting you. Such as, "You guys were great tonight. It's good because you were so terrible before…maybe don't play those songs, they are not as good." It's awesome. Also, everyone here can pronounce our last names. That doesn't happen at home.

I'd never taken the time to check out Architects before this tour, but I'm getting into them. There is some SERIOUS musicianship going on in that band, not to mention some riffs. Serious ones. Also, they're savages when it comes to party time. And that English wit…anyways, don't be an idiot like me, check out Architects. they rule.

Us, Misery Signals and some friends all crammed into the bus lounge last night and had some dancing. Combine Stu Ross' DJ skills and Jack Daniels, and things got whacky. Too whacky.

Munich was by far the hottest show so far. Luckily I had that huge nap I was telling you about. Outbreak came back from some technical issues that were out of their hands and stole the show, in my opinion. We had an alright set, but I felt like everyone was tired from the extreme heat. Sam from Architects looked like he'd been wandering through the desert after their set, so I did the honorable thing and played in swim trunks.

Koln (Cologne?) was one of the bigger shows of the tour so far, and definitely the biggest stage. Clean still pulled off the stage dives, shirtless of course. We took a walk down the train tracks and checked a pretty hood looking carnival. Also a very "sinister looking cathedral" according to Ryan Morgan. Apparently it's the tallest standing gothic cathedral in the world? Verify? Anyways, the real event was that due to European laws, our bus drivers had to take a 24 hour break, so bus call was 9 am. Thus, we had a little block party until the wee hours. Soccer, skateboarding, food troughs, face shaking, thought provoking conversation about being 23 or 24…the works.

Word from the wise: Don't play poker with a band that has written like three songs on the subject…you aren't going to win.

This has been the most roundabout, rambling excuse for a blog yet. I'm gonna reward myself by having a coke and watching Outbreak. I've earned it. Goodnight, diary.

Quote of the day, Stu from Bane: "For a place called Munchen, they haven't had a lot of snacks."