Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid are out on tour in Europe and have sent us in some notes from the road. The band will also appear at Groezrock. They released Broadcasting… in 2007 and Through The Noise last October. Their other episodes are here: Episode 1, Episode 2 Episode 3.

Update #4

The night after our little compound party I got the best night of sleep ever. Sometimes the planets align and the drive and the air conditioning are just perfect for keeping you asleep. We got to Karlsruhe at like 4 pm and everyone was still out cold. Substage is an amazing venue. It's an old train station that's only accessible by a descending ramp on either end, in the middle of the street. You could walk by and not even know it was there. Karlsruhe is also home to our tour manager Nanouk, so we got the best food we could ask for, curry and all. Comeback Kid got one of our best reactions of the tour so far, which felt really good. I stood next to Stu Ross during Misery Signals set and felt the vibe. Snee! Then some more shenanigans and we left to do it all over again the next day.

The REAL event in Munster was that after our show, part of the venue turned into a goth/industrial dance party, and it was DEFINITELY not amateur hour in that piece. Dudes were on stilts wearing goggles, full black leather body suits, spandex…the works. You think you've seen some shit? Go to an abandoned junkyard in Germany that's been converted into a nightclub. A gothic nightclub. Every time I see dancing (any kind of dancing) I think, "I hate dancing." And yet, a couple drinks later, there I am popping and locking like some wild lagered Steve Urkle. And that's just what we did. Half of the tour mingled with the cast of The Matrix and danced the night away. I hope we didn't ruin anybody's party.

Leipzig is one of Comeback Kid's favorite cities in the world to play. The shows are always great, everyone is really friendly, and it's just consistently fun. The live set on our DVD "Through the Noise" was even filmed here.

Conne Island is an especially great venue for us. It has a perfect stage and sound, and everyone is right up in your face and getting into it. Also, stage workers inexplicably have garbage bags full of home-made newspaper confetti, which they launch all over the stage and crowd. Why? Why not, that's why. Bane did Every Effort Made tonight and got a great reaction. Architects just got off stage so I need to start getting my life together. Tomorrow is Groezrock fest with The Get Up Kids, NOFX, Rise Against, and more, so my next update should have something interesting for you.

To the kids in the comments section, I thank you for your undying support…



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Peace and love!

Matt K