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Hit The Switch will be releasing their new album Observing Infinities on May 30, 2009. The band had this to say:

Our new record entitled "Observing Infinities" comes out May 30th!!! It will be available exclusively from until July 1st, then you will be able to get it on iTunes. Also we got a sweet lil West Coast tour in June, and we will be hitting the lower states all the way to Florida in August/September.

They've also posted the track listing.

  1. Ancient Sunlight
  2. Galactic Alchemy
  3. Making Plans
  4. Coercion Through Public Consumption
  5. Eat Your Death
  6. Syndical Proletariate
  7. The Leader in Generic Punk Brands
  8. Ample Bright
  9. Last Light
  10. The Ever Fading After Glow