The Casting Out have issued a statement apologizing for reunited much derided "modern rock" act Creed. The band includes Nathan Grey of Boy Sets Fire who were labelmates with Creed on WindUp Records at one point:

Initially, The Casting Out tried to ignore the facts, but it has become apparent that they are indeed responsible for re-uniting Creed, and they offer their sincere apology to everyone who will be hurt by this action. Referring to Easter as "Zombie Jesus Day" started off innocent enough; a simple joke amongst friends that was thought to be harmless banter. However, it didn't take long for creed to re-unite and embark on their new crusade.

Nathan Gray, lead singer, said, "Apparently we have learned nothing since the time of Moses." Jack Fusco, lead guitar, went on to say, "I don't want to go higher, I don't want to go anywhere." I think he speaks for us all.

The band has also issued video apologies from Nathan and Jack.

The group released Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! this year.