The bulk of the of bands have been announced for 305 Fest. The event is set for May 15th to 17th in Miami, Florida at The Firefly.

Confirmed bands include Elldistort, Merkit, Cult Ritual, Deserter, Baby Teeth, Gorilla Pussy, Repubicorpse, Vivalevox, Vicious Fishes(Eyc), Mekago N.T, Slavescene, Fireside Social, Eating MacHine, Dirty Fist, Neccrohippies, Crackbox, Enough, Downsided, Treesoundz, Cocktail Pinata, Sloane Peterson, Resinoth, Lazer Beast, Totempole, The Panix, Gurrilleros DE Nadie, Estorbo Social, Dj E, The Lot Rats, Witchfinger, Scum of the Earth, ON the Strings of, Sinking Ship of Time, Civilization, Space Manatee, Pyrates of Libertatia, Cornelius White, Paperdolls, Reptile Theater, Lars Din, The Left-Its, Lighthouse Music, Down Home Southernairs, Moral Sects and Diet Cokeheads.

For more details check the Official Website.