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Motorhead, The Damned and Girlschool will be touring together this fall.

November 11, 2009Plymouth, EnglandPavilion
November 12, 2009Bristol, EnglandColsten Hall
November 13, 2009Newport, EnglandCentre
November 15, 2009Swindon, EnglandOasis
November 16, 2009Nottingham, EnglandRoyal Concert Hall
November 17, 2009Newcastle, EnglandCity Hall
November 19, 2009Glasgow, ScotlandAcademy
November 20, 2009Leeds, EnglandAcademy
November 21, 2009Manchester, EnglandApollo
November 23, 2009Cambridge, EnglandCorn Exchange
November 24, 2009Southend, EnglandCliffs Pavilion
November 25, 2009Portsmouth, EnglandGuildhall
November 27, 2009Bournemonth, EnglandSolent Hall
November 28, 2009London, EnglandHammersmith Apollo
November 29, 2009Wolverhampton, EnglandCivic Hall