Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Fat Wreck Chords

In a new interview, Fat Mike discussed some the reasons behind his recent across the board price cut for Fat Wreck Chords' catalogue and new titles. He explains:

Well, you know people say, "Oh, because the economy is so bad right now." But, it's really not that, because in the record industry the recession started four years ago. Our industry got hit a long time ago. Record sales have been going down and down and down and down. I was thinking, "Hey this is punk rock. This is a community." People have to recognize the difference between majors and indies and major bands and independent bands.

And when you buy a record from an indie, you are supporting the label and the band. It's not going to some faceless company that doesn't care about music, they just care about making a profit. So, I just figured if we make our prices cheap, I don't think people are going to feel bad about paying $8 for a CD in a store. I think they are going to feel good about supporting their band knowing that half that money is going to support the band and the label.

Mike also takes a moment to discuss bidets. Check out the interview here, which also explains why Dillinger Four never tour.