Propagandhi: "Dear Coach's Corner"

To celebrate the track "Dear Coach's Corner" from their new album Supporting Caste, the band decided to team up with us to offer you a fun and unique contest. The premise is simple: using one of three available photos as reference, design an image (using Photoshop, MS Paint, cut and paste collage, hand drawn picture etc) that depicts the members of the band with Don Cherry and/or Ron McLean from the popular Canadian television broadcast, Hockey Night in Canada. Three winners will be personally chosen by the band, with each receiving a copy of Supporting Caste on vinyl, and an autographed poster.

The band also adds that extra credit will be given to any entry that depicts Jord in the nude. Have fun with that one.

EDIT: 2:45 EST - There was a typo in the email address, it should read, so if you submitted something prior to 2:45, please resubmit to the proper address.

Propagandhi's "Coach's Corner" Contest:

-Create an image of the band with Don Cherry and/or Ron McLean from the show "Hockey Night" using one of the following three photos:

-The band will pick three winner, and will report back to us with the winning images, and why they were chose.

-Entries must be submitted in JPEG file format, in high resolution, to Rules

  1. Open to North America (excluding Quebec) (Why not Quebec?).
  2. To enter, send a JPEG image to, include your name, email address and mailign address.
  3. will only contact you if you win.
  4. You also give us permission to use your first name and city when announcing the winners.
  5. By entering and submitting an image, you give the band, label and publicist the right to full use and reproduction of the image without further consent from the submitter
  6. If you're under 13, you have to have your parent's permission.
  7. All entries must be received by June 10th, 2009 at 12:00 A.M. EST.
  8. Please enter only once.