Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Orange Peal

The Berlin Project have announced a reunion this summer. The pop-punk outfit made the announcement via a newly launched MySpace page saying:

I went to practice for TBP tonight. It's absolutely amazing playing with Chuck again. And we are so fortunate to have our friends join us in playing with us in July. For those that don't know, Paul, Cory, and Andy from the Composure will be filling in on a few intstruments. And for all of you Paul Menotiades enthusiasts, he's actually on Organ and third vocal. As for The Berlin Project itself. We are still debating on doing some kind of short outing in September. Perhaps, New Jersey, PA, Ohio, Chicago, and Milwaukee. We'll so who's avail for packages

The band has parted ways with Orange Peal Records who released their final album, The Things We Say in 2003.