by Matador

In a recent interview, veteran musician Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth had some comments for the donation-based model popularized (but not invented) by Radiohead for the release of their album, In Rainbows in 2007. In a Guardian interview, Gordon offered some criticism saying:

I don't really think they did it by themselves. They did a marketing ploy by themselves and then got someone else to put it out. It seemed really community-oriented, but it wasn't catered towards their musician brothers and sisters, who don't sell as many records as them. It makes everyone else look bad for not offering their music for whatever. It was a good marketing ploy and I wish I'd thought of it! But we're not in that position either. We might not have been able to put out a record for another couple of years if we'd done it ourselves: it's a lot of work. And it takes away from the actual making music.

Check out the rest of the interview here. Sonic Youth releases The Eternal tomorrow, on June 9, 2009.