Atom and His Package

Hartless Hind has set a worldwide release date of July 14, 2009 for the release of their compilation, Up End Atom: A Tribute To Atom And His Package. The album is available domestically via Interpunk.

Participants include Steinbeck, MC Chris, Math The Band, Zambonis And Atom, Yidcore, MC Lars Worm Quartet Feat. Curt Allen, Locas In Love, Emotron, Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer and Golden Bloom.

  1. Steinbeck - "Possessions (Not The One By Danzig)"
  2. Mcchris - "Punk Rock Academy"
  3. Math The Band - "Upside Down From Here"
  4. Zambonis And Atom - "Goalie"
  5. Yidcore - "Avenger"
  6. Mc Lars Feat. Worm Quartet - "(Lord It's Hard To Be Happy, When You Aren't Using) The Metric System"
  7. Worm Quartet Feat. Curt Allen - "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib 20"
  8. Locas In Love - "I Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer"
  9. Emotron - "Me And My Black Metal Friends"
  10. Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - "Happy Birthday Ralph"
  11. Golden Bloom - "Lying To You