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While Blink 182 is currently getting the most press, Tom Delonge is still planning significant releases with his project, Angels and Airwaves. Tom discusses his upcoming album and film, Love with Billboard and notes that the album will be free, thanks to "corporate underwriting":

[Love] is the biggest release of my life, the pinnacle of my creativity. It's super conceptual and highbrow in many ways, very artistic, very Stanley Kubrick. But it's not a rock opera. It's a very modern version of what could happen when you blend the film industry and the music industry together in a very, very arty, kind of cool way with professionals involved all along the path.

[The film] blurs the line between full-fledged live action and documentary with these epic kind of…meditative sequences where the sound design and the music and the picture all bend together to create a sonic experience as much as a visual one. It tells a story of human life and destiny but at the same time really makes usual moments of life extraordinary. It's a circular narrative in many ways, where it kind of sums up the human race in a time capsule."

Soundwise, Tom is aiming for Radiohead, U2 and Pink Floyd.