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Juicebox Records has released the discography from '90s Toronto pop punk staples Sewing With Nancie. The band released one album and a number of EPs in their time before changing their sound and becoming The Reason.

Vocalist Adam White reflected on the decision to reissue the records and play some reunion shows.

One night while sitting shotgun in our van drunk on the way home from a Reason show, Cubby, Ronson and myself put in The Same Three Chords for the first time in probably five years.

We laughed, sang along, and remembered all the good times that came along with being a part of SWN. We decided that the next time The Reason was on any sort of break, we were gonna do it. A proper reunion. I feel now that it wasn't fair how we just sort of "peaced out" back in '02, with no warning, no final shows, just nothing. The purpose of these reunion shows is most definitely to party, have fun, soak up a little nostalgia, and give Sewing With Nancie the proper funeral it deserves, with the final show and final song being played where it all began: Windsor, Ontario. To commemorate this whole thing, our buddies at Juicebox and myself have decided to release 38 SWN songs on Juicebox Recording Co. so anyone that wants to remember SWN can download the "discography" and hold on to these songs for as long as you like.

38 Songs is available as a pay-by-donation download here.