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In a new Riot Fest feature, the legendary The Germs talked a little about their plans. Germs drummer Don Bolles revealed that the band will soon be entering the studio for the first time since 1980. The recordings will consist of "new old material, so it's still Darby and Pat compositions."

Don says the group is tackling two distinctly different eras that members are unhappy with. The first concerns early songs captured on the infamous Germicide album, recorded at The Whiskey during the band's first show. The second round of re-arrangements includes the songs done during the final Germs studio session for the Cruising soundtrack. Bolles says they're "…making them not suck and be too long. Along with the Cruising session songs they will be tackling two Darby Crash Band songs, "Out of Time" and "Golden Boy."

Finally, Don notes that these recordings will be part of a larger product, a box set entitled Lest We Forget: The Sounds of The Germs, combining numerous live recordings, from both the Darby and Shane eras, with the new/old material. They hope for the set to be released before the end of 2010.