Contributed by aubin, Posted by Saddle Creek

Saddle Creek has announced the signing of Lawrence, KS act Old Canes and will release the band's sophomore album, Feral Harmonic, on October 20, 2009. The band features Christopher Crisci, vocalist/guitarist of The Appleseed Cast, who constructed the record largely alone in his basement studio. The label notes:

"He [Crisci] played the majority of the instrumentation himself with additional help from a cast of musician friends contributing various parts, including trumpet, harmophone, cello, and hammer dulcimer, among other instruments. As recording was regularly interrupted by touring, work, other projects, and life in general, production on the album took nearly three and a half years to complete."

The record will be the band's first since Early Morning Hymns, released in 2004 on Second Nature Recordings.