Contributed by inagreendase, Posted by Dischord

Dischord Records has posted a lengthy update about some of their future releases. Notable among these updates is news of the label reissuing the two records from Gray Matter, Food For Thought / Take It Back, on vinyl in September. Both albums will also come with MP3 download coupons, and the Take It Back reissue will be expanded into a full-length with the addition of four songs from a double 7" the band released in 1991.

The label also adds that Joe Lally is planning to tour Japan in October and the UK and Ireland in November. In the meantime, he'll be spending time closer to his home in Italy to write, presumably for a follow-up to his 2007 full-length Nothing Is Underrated.

Lastly, the label has announced that they're partnering with Desoto Records to reissue the seminal 1994 Jawbox album, For Your Own Special Sweetheart. The CD will feature three extra songs and the vinyl will be packaged with an MP3 download coupon, which will also include the extra tracks.