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In a new interview with Drowned In Sound, the recently reunited Get Up Kids' Jim Suptic talked a little about the band's plans, as well as the "evolution" of emo from the genre they were ostensibly involved in:

Honestly, I don't often think about the state of 'emo'. The punk scene we came out of and the punk scene now are completely different. It's like glam rock now. We played the Bamboozle fests this year and we felt really out of place. I could name maybe three bands we played with. It was just a sea of neon shirts to us. If this is the world we helped create, then I apologise.

He also talks about the importance of his own influences:

Fugazi is the reason I am in a band today. When I was 14 I heard Fugazi and started a band the next day. We grew up on indie rock. Superchunk, Rocket from the Crypt, Sunny Day Real Estate, Cap'n Jazz. That's the kind of stuff we were listening to when we started.

Check out the interview here.