Contributed by avi, Posted by Silver Sprocket

The Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club has announced a new full length album from Vic Ruggiero, front-man of The Slackers. Entitled On The Rag Time, the record features Vic playing an assortment of new songs, originals, and Slackers favorites, solo on an old-timey piano.

The Bicycle Club has also announced a new re-mix record from Boston's Big D And The Kids Table entitled Rude Remix Revolution. The record features fifteen new remixes by the likes of Ben C of Sonic Boom Six, Blue Banshee, Paul Kolderie's The Babysitters, dj BC, ATOM, Aber N. Stein, Babylon Party Machine, Scott Grella, Big D's own Stovetop, and Bi Anal Ham Sandwich.

Both records will be in stores September 15 with distribution by the recently formed Independent Label Collective, but are available for mail-order now from the Silver Sprocket website